What is Living Water?

The Living Water Abu Dhabi Homeschool group provides core curriculum and extracurricular classes for homeschoolers in a positive environment to support parent-directed education.

Parents lead and teach classes, coordinate events, and provide opportunities for children to grow and learn through unique and exciting experiences.

As Living Water is a parent-run group, each family is responsible to participate in the homeschool group every week.

Each family will have an opportunity to contribute in a different area each session.  These areas could include: Art, Music, Physical Education, Math, Science, History, Geography, Teacher, Teacher Assistants, Nursery Teachers, Preschool Teachers, Substitutes, Coordinators, Hall Monitors, and more.

Living Water offers Classes for First Grade through High School children one day a week. Personal gatherings and events are encouraged as parents and children find new friends.

If you are a new or seasoned homeschool parent who would like to provide core classes and extracurricular activities to your homeschool education, or think that your child would benefit from fellowship with other homeschoolers in an educational environment, Living Water is here for you.

Please read the Living Water Handbook for policies, positions, and leadership information.

If you are unable to open the PDF Living Water Handbook, Click Here to download Adobe Acrobat.


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